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An affiliate disclosure is a transparent statement made by a website or content creator to inform their audience about their participation in affiliate marketing programs. It discloses potential financial benefits received from promoting products or services. The purpose is to promote transparency, maintain trust, and empower consumers to make informed decisions.

Our Website Might Contain Affiliate Links

When we link to products and services, some of the links might be affiliate links. If you click on any of the affiliate links and make a purchase, Truth Inspired LLC might earn a small commission. The commission is paid directly by the retailers at no extra cost to you and generates revenue to support our business, non-profit partnerships, and giveaways.

Here’s an example: If we link to our favorite Juicer and you complete a purchase through that link, we might receive a small commission.

We’re extremely mindful of what we share. We carefully link to products and services we use, appreciate, and recommend.

Commission earned helps the mission of Truth Inspired LLC and allows us to continue giving back. So, whether you utilize affiliate links or not, we want to thank you for your continued support!

We value transparency. If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by visiting our contact form.


  1. As an Amazon Associate, we only earn from qualifying purchases.
  2. Truth Inspired LLC is also an affiliate of Creative Fabrica, a creative art resource, which allows us to link to a number of reputable fonts, graphics, designs, etc, earning 20% – 25% in advertising fees. 
  3. As a Stampin Up Demonstrator, we only earn from qualifying purchases. 

We will keep this page updated as we partner with other credible brands.

Effective Date: June 3, 2024

This Affiliate Disclosure was last updated on: July 9, 2023

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