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Can You Really Overcome Fear in One Step

Last month we celebrated women’s history month, and it got me thinking about the past, present, and future women who wanted and are wanting to live for something more. Before you read any further, know this: I don’t have any lavish awards to label me as a “somebody,” but I am a somebody and so are you! Whether someone identifies you as an influencer or not, YOUR dream and your influence matters.

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Crown of Lies | You’re 3 Steps From the Person You’re Meant to Become

I know without a doubt that I want to inspire others. I want to give back. And most importantly, I want to live for the One who created me for this purpose. I have a deeply-rooted desire to help anyone in need. Helping people has always held a special place in my heart. But, before I could confidently proclaim this, I lost my voice. I allowed others to mute my deepest wants and desires. And “I don’t know” quickly became my most overused phrase for the majority of my life. Pleasing others became my idol.

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