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Create a Glitter Pen in Less than 5 Minutes!


As a creative entrepreneur, I LOVE TO HELP others grow. More specifically, I am passionate about helping other female artisans get unstuck, and I can’t wait to share more about how I’ve been able to do this!!

In the meantime, one of the things I enjoy most about anything I learn to create is taking what I learn and teaching it to others. Empowered people empower people, right? Now, you not only have the option to order these floating glitter pens directly from my shop, but you also have the option to create them yourself if you so desire! I highly encourage it because they’re SO MUCH FUN to make and to write with sparkly things. Are you excited to get started!?

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But what Will I need?

cotton swab product picture
Cotton Swab
Medicine Cups
glitter pen
Opal Glitter
Blank Pens

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Ready to begin?

Follow these steps

Step 1

Place oil into a medicine cup.

Step 2

Use a pipette to draw the oil.

Step 3

Pour some of the oil into the tube of the pen.

Step 4

Choose a glitter! Opals are my fave!

Step 5

Pour glitter into the medicine cup.

Step 6

Pour the desired amount of glitter into the tube of the pen.

Step 7

Add a little more oil into the tube of the pen.

Step 8

I prefer to leave some space for the glitter and the oil to float freely.

Step 9

Add the stopper.

Step 10

Add the ring.

Step 11

Add the top of the pen.

Step 12

Sanitize the pen with rubbing alcohol.

Step 13

Enjoy writing with a little more aesthetic peace of mind. 

Step 14

It’s your turn! We hope you create something beautiful today! When you do, please tag us! We love seeing everyone’s creations.

glitter pen

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Please feel free to share this tutorial with others who love creative things! If you have any questions about the pen-making process, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us anytime or drop your questions in a comment below. 



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