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The Mirror’s Reflection: The Unchanging Worth As God’s Masterpiece

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In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He set in motion an extraordinary plan—a story interwoven with love and redemption. It is a story that reaches into the depths of our souls, whispering of the invaluable worth that resides within every human being. From the very beginning, when God fashioned humanity in His own image, He gifted us a uniqueness that is tethered to value and significance. We are not mere accidents or coincidences but rather masterpieces crafted by the hands of the Divine Artist Himself.

A Mirror to Our Hearts
When you look into a mirror, see your worth as God sees your worth.

As we read through the pages of the Bible, we encounter stories as children of God that resound with the resolute message that “you matter” in His eyes. Among these stories, there is one that Jesus, the gentle and compassionate Teacher, shared with His devoted disciples—a parable that holds a mirror to our hearts.

Imagine, if you will, a shepherd tending to a flock of one hundred sheep. Yet, one of those precious animals, filled with adventure, strays from the fold. Now, reflect for a moment and envision yourself standing in a crowded room with one hundred souls. Would you notice the absence of one? And, would you tirelessly search for that one, forsaking all other endeavors until that one soul was found?

With unwavering determination, the shepherd journeys into a fervent pursuit. His commitment to finding the lost sheep reflects the very essence of God’s unstoppable love—a love that cherishes and pursues each individual.

Within His love, our worth is found. And it stems not from who we are but from who He is.

But God, He not only uses His Word, but He mobilizes His people to accomplish His purposes—to remind us who we are in Him.

—Stephanie Richmond
A Mirror to Our Thoughts

Sometimes it can be far too easy to look in the mirror and doubt every word of this truth. I am certainly guilty of falling into negative self-talk the second I see my reflection in the morning. But God, He not only uses His Word, but He mobilizes His people to accomplish His purposes—to remind us who we are in Him. Little did I know who He was about to mobilize to redirect my gaze back to Him. 

She looked me in the eyes and said. . .

“You are beautiful, and I am praying for you.”

Those are the words my grams spoke over me when she video-called me in the wake of excruciating hives. She doesn’t know how to video call. But, it isn’t beyond her to ask for that kind of help. She also isn’t one to say goodbye before she hangs up. She will just straight up say her closing statement and then—CLICK. Meanwhile, you’re still carrying on the convo. It makes me laugh every time. 

It was the fastest phone call ever, but it was super impactful. It helped me to realize that a mirror’s reflection is not only a confrontation of the unvarnished truth about our outward appearance, but it’s also an opportunity to recognize the pivotal role our choices play in shaping our lives especially in the wake of a health scare. 

“Our choices about our health give witness to the heart-held belief that we are beloved and valued daughters of God and that every part of us matters.”

—Kerri Weems

I would go on to add that the choices we make about how we think about ourselves matter, too.

This year, I fully embraced the autoimmune protocol (AIP). I made this conscious decision in light of two realitieswho I am in Christ and someone battling with autoimmune issues. I wanted my health choices to reflect the truth that our bodies are a temple for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit therefore how we treat them can be an act of surrender and worship. Honoring the Lord with my health choices proved to be a significant challenge, but my persistent muscle and joint pain faded away, replaced by increased energy and a noticeable improvement in my skin’s appearance. However, when hives suddenly surfaced, I lacked that simple belief that my grams had when she called me. It made me realize how quickly we are prone to fix our eyes on our circumstances than King Jesus. 

But then something beautiful happened to shift my gaze. My grams saw past the hives and saw me—a beloved and valued daughter of God. Although she didn’t say these words, her response reminded me that I am beloved. I am valued. I am a daughter of the King. And while my grandma’s responses are often fickle and ever-changing like the wind—one second loving and the next abruptly intimidating—it doesn’t change God’s truth. I am valuable, and so are you. 

Our worth is not found in the fleeting measures of this world but in the eternal worth of our Creator. In and out of suffering, He has fashioned us with purpose and love, making us invaluable in His sight. 

Here are some things that I’ve sought to embrace about finding value and significance in the midst of facing various trials. His faithfulness is evident in suffering—it is a testimony of His love for us. . .

  • God is sovereign. God allows things to happen to us that don’t always make sense. I have no clue what caused my hives or how we will financially pay for the testing needed. Still, I wholeheartedly trust that God has already established my steps. I need only to seek Him and trust that He is in control. 
  • God is loving. When we encounter suffering, God faithfully meets us in the depths of our pain, orchestrating a communal pathway to healing and redemption. He uses community to remind us of His goodness and His grace. So many people have rallied behind me through my hardships with prayers, fasting, and words of encouragement.
  • God leads us. He provides a bridge from our weakness to His strength. He is a very present help in our time of need. Through the trials I have faced, He has helped me seek support from those around me, an act that required courage and humility. Through these vulnerable moments, I witnessed His love magnified!
  • God pursues us. In our weakness, His power is made perfect. It is not diminished by our weaknesses; instead, it is perfected in those deep places of suffering. His strength shines the brightest in our most vulnerable moments—meeting us in the lowliest of places and lifting us up where our hardships become our greatest strengths because of Christ.

Our worth is not found in the fleeting measures of this world, but in the eternal worth of our Creator. In and out of suffering, He has fashioned us with purpose and love, making us invaluable in His sight.

—Stephanie Richmond
A Mirror to God’s Love

God is all these wonderful things and so much more! His calling over our lives is what led us to creating the “You Matter” Collection. It exists not only to inspire us to recognize our worth in the matchless eyes of our Creator but to re-ignite within us a flame that extends love, grace, and acceptance to every fellow traveler on this journey of life—especially those “filled with adventure straying from the fold.”

With threads of affirmation and colors of hope, the collection serves as an authentic declaration of the significance we each carry within. It invites us to embrace our true worth in the mirror of God’s love, compelling within us to trust Jesus with every facet of our existence.

Our hope is that the “You Matter” Collection will reflect the undeniable truth of our worth, a symphony that sings to the depths of our hearts, and a witness to the divinely ordained purpose to love God and love neighbor. May we walk away from this blog post remembering “that the Lord, He is God! It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.” —Psalm 100:3

About the Author

Stephanie Richmond, a Texas native, is a missional wife, mother, and homemaker who is familiar with pregnancy loss and loves the Lord deeply. She has a passion for leading a life of faith and purpose–encouraging others in their pursuit to be glad in God through sharing truth-inspired words and growing in the gift of hospitality. Stephanie co-labors alongside her husband, Nehemiah, to lead Truth Inspired LLC. She enjoys homeschooling her children, discovering new autoimmune-friendly recipes, reading all the books, and DIYing all the things. Anchored in prayer, she desires to live out each role with unwavering faith, hope, and love. Whether as a devoted wife, nurturing mom, or creative entrepreneur, she hopes to weave a life that is rich in joy and fosters meaningful connections in the hearts and homes of those around her.

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