Fair Sizing Policy

A fair sizing policy refers to a set of guidelines or principles that determine the appropriate allocation of resources, benefits, or opportunities among individuals or groups in a just and equitable manner. The policy aims to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that no one is disproportionately disadvantaged or advantaged based on arbitrary factors.

At Truth Inspired LLC, we believe in ensuring fairness and transparency in all operations, including our sizing policy. We aim to provide a positive and inclusive experience for all our customers, regardless of their body shape or size. Therefore, we have developed the following fair sizing policy:

  1. Size Range: We strive to offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate diverse body types. Our sizing options will include a comprehensive range of sizes, from the smallest to the largest, ensuring everyone can find a comfortable fit.

  2. Price: We ensure that the price remains consistent across all sizes. We believe in providing equal value and fair treatment to all customers, regardless of the size they choose. Therefore, please note that there will be no additional charges or price differentials based on the size you select. Our commitment to transparency and fairness extends to every aspect of our pricing structure.

  3. Clear Communication: We will strive to communicate sizing information clearly and transparently. Our product descriptions and listings will provide accurate details regarding the fit, fabric stretch, and any other relevant information that can help customers make informed decisions about sizing.

  4. Customer Support: Finding the right size can sometimes be challenging. Our dedicated customer support team will be available to assist customers with any sizing inquiries or concerns. We will provide prompt and helpful responses to ensure our customers have a positive shopping experience.

  5. Collaboration with Suppliers: We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure they prioritize inclusivity in their manufacturing processes. We will encourage them to provide accurate and consistent sizing across all their products, fostering a culture of fairness and inclusivity throughout the industry.

By implementing this fair sizing policy, we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our customers. We value your feedback and suggestions and will continuously strive to improve our sizing options and policies to serve your needs better.

Effective Date: July 7, 2023

This Fair Sizing Policy was last updated on: July 7, 2023

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